About LBD

We all have go-to's. Those shoes, that necklace, the book you've read three times. You don't have to think twice about it. In our eyes, it's flawless.

We made Little Black Dress to be an accessory for every occasion. Every spontaneous party. Every late night perched on the kitchen counter catching up with friends.

Dress up, dress down or just do you. LBD is that extra little something.

behind the scenes

The Winemaker

A native of Northern California, Margaret Leonardi grew up surrounded by an energy to create. Lessons learned from her family revolved around trying new things. Exciting things. With her mother being a teacher and her grandmother an incredible cook, Margaret saw how a passion for something can produce amazing results.

“I aim to make wines that are approachable, affordable, and delicious.”

“I aim to make wines that are approachable, affordable, and delicious. This means creating wines that can be appreciated while curling up on the couch to watch The Bachelor on Monday evenings, hanging out with your girlfriends on Wednesday nights, flirting on date nights, or relaxing on Friday evenings at home over dinner with friends.”